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Biometric Systems, Corp is a distributor of Active Optical Systems. Active is a global developer, manufacturer and provider of Intense Light and RF-based technology for aesthetic and medical applications. Active's products are designed to achieve optimal results in Acne treatment, Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Skin tightening, Vascular treatment, Tattoo and Pigment lesion removal treatments. We constantly work to expand the variety and nature of treatments our devices can perform.

Active Systems USA is a manufacturer and a technology leader in utilizing Intense Pulse Light in the field of Hair Removal and Aesthetic Skin Treatments. Technological innovation, reliability and proven clinical treatment results, are the key factors for our success.

Our machines treat all skin types and it is user friendly! Choose your program by touching and selecting the skin type
on the screen. Select the right treatment and
skin type to activate the pre-programmed parameters!

Distributed by Biometric Systems, Corp.
Phone: 1-800-249-1803

   Optima 518

Crystal 512

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